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Top 10 Reasons a Pre-Listing Inspection Is Worthwhile

1. Seller will know the condition of their own home.

2. Seller can repair any deficiencies before the buyers inspection.

3. Prospective buyer may accept sellers recent home inspection.

For 1/2 the original inspection fee, Home Inspection Plus will conduct an on-site consultation with the prospective buyer. 


4. Reduce Non-Disclosure Liability.

5. May reduce the time the property is in escrow.

6. Gives the listing agent a realistic view of the current conditions.

7. May be able to offer the property at a higher price, after repairs.

8. Puts the Seller in a stronger negotiating position..

9. Seller can decide what to repair, by whom and what materials to use..

10. Takes the worry out of listing for the seller and agent.

A professional “listing inspection” is just good business. It may facilitate a smoother transaction by putting potential buyers at ease, reduce negotiating points and bypass annoying delays.

California case law states that it is the duty of a seller to disclose relevant facts concerning the property for sale through a TDS form. (Transfer Document Statement) This basically means a seller of one to four residential units has a legal obligation to disclose all of the conditions of the property know to them to prospective buyers, which is often accomplished through use of a “Transfer Disclosure Statement.” While the listing inspection report cannot be used as a substitute for that disclosure, it does allow the seller to provide prospective buyers with additional information, based on an unbiased, third party, professional inspection.


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